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Policies at national, EU and international level increasingly emphasise the urgency of climate action and the responsibility of companies to actively reduce their emissions.

The following developments converge in showing the way for businesses to move away from climate-intensive flying towards more sustainable modes of travel and connectivity.


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The airport has recently announced new restrictions on general aviation flights, citing concerns over the environmental impact of private jets....
California has proposed two bills, the Corporate Climate Data Accountability Act and Climate-Related Risk Disclosure Act, that would require corporations...
Initiative to set out a common framework to calculate and report transport-related greenhouse gas emissions by both the passenger and...
Initiative aimed at making travelers’ lives simpler by facilitating the transparent comparison and combination of transport offers, within and across...
The EU has introduced new rules on corporate sustainability reporting through the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which requires large...
France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Portugal presented an Any Other Business (AOB) point emphasising the need to strengthen the...
In recent years, there has been a growing trend by businesses, financial institutions, cities, and regions making commitments to reach...
October 2022
By the UK Climate...
In October 2022, the UK Climate Change Committee (CCC) published a report exploring the role of voluntary carbon offsetting in...
October 2022
By the Intergover...
The Emissions Gap Report 2022, published by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), presents the latest scientific data on greenhouse...
On October 6th 2022, the French government adopted a series of recommendations in order to reduce gas, electricity, and fuel...
September 2022
By Climate Data S...
The Climate Data Steering Committee has unveiled recommendations for the Net-Zero Data Public Utility (NZDPU), a new open-data utility that...
Efforts to accelerate the decarbonisation of the aviation sector are increasingly taking place, even from air travel emission hubs: airports. ...
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its sixth Assessment Report (AR6) on the mitigation of climate change, focusing...
Starting from April 2022, France has outlawed many short-haul flights, which are less than 2.5 hours long, in an effort...
April 2022
By the European C...
The “Greening the Commission” Action Plan describes the measures that the Commission intends to put in place or has already...
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How can investors ensure a 1.5°C future for the aviation sector?
CA100+ investor group highlights that corporates have a role to play in reducing their business travel, as demand for air travel will have to be constrained in order to limit global temperature rise to safe levels
10-point plan to reduce oil use
IEA recommends reducing business flights as part of its 10-point plan to reduce oil use
France Travel: Many Short-Haul Flights Outlawed From April
France bans short-haul flights under 2,5 hours
Greening the Commission
EU Commission sets target to reduce its staff business travel emissions by 50% by 2024, as compared to 2019
Sustainability-related disclosure in the financial services sector
EU sets new disclosure standards for financial actors, with mandatory disclosure of Scope 3 emissions
Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of climate change
IPCC concludes that the greatest potential for avoiding emissions comes from reducing long-haul aviation, and highlights that integrating virtual technologies into business models can avoid long-haul flying for meetings
UK government launches new taskforce to develop best practice for UK climate transition plans
UK Transition Plan Taskforce starts work on new “gold standard” for for best practice private sector transition plans, including Scope 3 emissions reduction targets and disclosure of business travel policies
Dutch government issues world-first cap on flights from European hub
NL Schiphol airport announces a permanent 12% cut in annual flights compared to 2019, to comply with legislation on noise and air pollution (invalidated by court ruling)
Net-Zero Public Data Utility
Launch of development of global tool to make available company climate transition-related data, including on specific actions to reach net-zero targets, and emissions
Voluntary Carbon Markets and Offsetting
UK Climate Change Committee recommends that businesses prioritise replacing all air travel with alternatives where available, before purchasing offsets
Emissions Gap Report 2022
Reduce long-haul flights - shift to rail - use virtual collaboration tools
Sobriety plan: how companies can help save energy
France recommends to businesses to save energy by using rail rather than air travel for trips under 4 hours, and using videoconferencing to avoid unnecessary travel
Integrity Matters: Net Zero Commitments by Businesses, Financial Institutions, Cities and Regions
UN expert group recommends businesses reduce absolute emissions as fast as possible, aligning or exceeding national targets, setting first targets for 2025, including for Scope 3 emissions
Strengthening the sustainability and fairness of the aviation sector
France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal note that air transport is sometimes used irresponsibly when the journey could be made using a zero carbon alternative mode or replaced by a video conference
Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)
EU adopts new rules for corporate reporting by 50,000 large businesses, including travel emissions
Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport Says Private Jets ‘No Longer Welcome’
NL Schiphol airport announces a ban on private jets (blocked by court ruling)
Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive
EU will adopt new due diligence rules for large companies, to include the adoption of a climate transition plan containing emissions reduction objectives
California Corporate Climate Accountability Act
US California legislative proposal for corporate reporting by large companies doing business in the state, including travel emissions
Multimodal Digital Services Mobility
Initiative aimed to better integrate public transport and rail services
Count your transport emissions – ‘CountEmissions EU’
Initiative to set out a common framework to calculate and report transport-related greenhouse gas emissions by both the passenger and freight sector.
SEC Proposes Rules to Enhance and Standardise Climate-Related Disclosures for Investors
The SEC proposed amendments would require registrants to disclose climate-related risks that are likely to have a material impact on their business. Companies with publicly stated climate goals would also have to disclose their strategies and progress towards those goals. The rules should be finalized in fall 2023.

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