Redução de emissões, Ar para Ferroviário

O Acordo Climático da Holanda inclui redução de emissões em viagens de negócios

Governo holandês
Julho de 2024

The Netherlands has made travel emissions reductions a requirement: starting in July 2024, businesses above 100 employees will have to report to the government on progress towards the mandated 50% decrease in domestic mobility emissions by 2030, from 2016 levels.

The Dutch government presents the shift from air to rail as a solution to reduce emissions. It states that all trips for distances under 700 km, where travel time from door to door by train is <150% the travel time by plane, should be done by rail. 

This requirement is part of the Netherlands Climate Agreement and it applies to both business travel and commuting. If according to the data, the intended CO2 reduction target will not be achieved, employers should adhere to a maximum of CO2 emissions per km. 

The members of the Anders Reizen coalition, a group of more than 70 large companies with arounr 550,000 employees, have pledged to follow the Dutch government requirements to shift to rail and reduce emissions.

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