Arcadis has a target to reduce air travel emissions by 50% per full- time employee, by 2025 as compared to pre-COVID 19 levels. Arcadis’s ambitious air travel target and reporting put them in the ‘A’ category in the Travel Smart ranking, making it one of the top performing companies in the Netherlands and globally. 


Interview: “Towards net zero, the best thing we can really do is to travel less”

Travelling is one of the biggest sources of emissions for the global consultancy Arcadis. However, their business grew during the pandemic lockdown, when all flights stopped and teleworking was the norm. According to Jill Smit, their Global Sustainability Manager, this proved that travelling is not always really necessary. We spoke with her to learn from Arcadis’s ‘Virtual First’ approach and how its implementation is keeping them on track towards their net zero target.

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