VCÖ - Mobilität mit Zukunft

VCÖ is a public-benefit organisation specialising in mobility and transport. The aim of VCÖ is an ecologically compatible, economically efficient and socially equitable transport system. An intact environment as a livelihood for future generations is a central concern of VCÖ. The view of VCÖ is globally oriented, cross-thematic and takes into account the interests of future generations.


Inter Environnement Wallonie

Inter-Environnement Wallonie was born in 1974. It represents 130 associations whose actions range from local to international. Originally active in land use planning, environmental pollution and agriculture/nature, it has extended its field of action to mobility, energy, environmental health, food and tourism. IEW aims to contribute to a citizen “movement” by advocating for a transition towards a fairer and more resilient society,

Transport & Environment

Transport & Environment

Transport & Environment is Europe’s leading clean transport campaign group. Our vision is a zero-emission mobility system that is affordable and has minimal impacts on our health, climate and environment. We are leading the Travel Smart campaign together with within a coalition of partners across Europe, North America and Asia.


C Balance

Fair Travel program curated by cBalance systematically reduces air-travel related emissions from India's IT/BPO companies through capacity building, evidence-based travel policy advocacy, and behaviour change. The aim of this program is to facilitate a reduction in business travel through behaviour change amongst the 2300+ IT organizations in India.



ZERO is a Portuguese NGO intervening in the society through a proactive participation in the defence of sustainability values, pushing for a balance between the environment, society and economy, in order to build a more socially and economically cohesive world in full respect of the planet's natural limits. ZERO's intervention is based on solid ideas and a permanent dialogue with the different key actors.

Ecologistas en Acción

Ecologistas en Acción

Ecologistas en Acción is a grassroots confederation of more than 300 green groups that promote systemic change on the social, economical, political and environmental levels in order to achieve environmental sustainability and social justice. Since 2019 Ecologistas en Acción runs an aviation campaign aimed at raising awareness on the impacts of air travel and advocating for the degrowth of the aviation industry.



Eco-union is a citizen environmental Think and Do Tank dedicated to bridging the gap between science, policies and practises towards Sustainability of the Euro-Mediterranean region. Our focus has been on the critical issues related to sustainable development, climate change, renewable energy, transport decarbonization, mobility, coastal tourism and blue economy. We are co-founders of the Europe on Rail initiative and active members of T&E, where we participate in working groups on aviation and rail.



ECODES is a private non-profit organization that has been working with citizens, civil society organizations, companies, and public administrations, accompanying and helping them to accelerate their transition towards a carbon-neutral, inclusive, responsible, and circular economy. Inside the Travel Smart Campaign, ECODES will lead a working group of environmental and social organizations to develop our own sustainable travel protocols, share good practices, and create a roadmap for more actors to join. At the same time, ECODES will help and advise Spanish companies on how to reduce their corporate flights.


VCS Verkehrs-Club der Schweiz

Founded in May 1979 in Herzogenbuchsee/BE, thanks to the VCS there is also more space for the bike. And when it comes to road safety for the most vulnerable road users - especially children and senior citizens - the VCS has achieved improvements with various campaigns and is continuing these important projects.

United Kingdom

Aviation Environment Federation

The Aviation Environment Federation (AEF) is the principal UK NGO campaigning on aviation’s impacts on people and the environment. We formed as a federation in 1975 to represent the interests of communities living around civil airfields and airports who were increasingly affected by the noise from a rapidly growing industry, and to seek solutions at a national policy level.

Better Transport

Campaign for Better Transport

Campaign for Better Transport is a national charity that champions greener, fairer transport. Campaign for Better Transport's vision is for all communities to have access to high quality, sustainable transport that meets their needs, improves quality of life and protects the environment.


Transform Scotland

Transform Scotland is Scotland’s alliance for sustainable transport. We campaign for walking, cycling and public transport to be the easiest and most affordable options for everyone. Our diverse membership brings together public, private and third sector organisations. We are supporting the Travel Smart campaign in Scotland.

United States of America
Stand Earth

Stand Earth challenges corporations and governments to treat people and the environment with respect, because our lives depend on it. Stand is working to reduce business flying, leading by reducing demand for California-refined jet fuel derived from Amazon crude.

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