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Employees can play a crucial role in driving sustainable business travel within their organisations.

Explore the experiences, demands, and perspectives of employees across various industries who recognise the urgent need for change and ask for a more sustainable approach to business travel.

As an employee, here you will find a space to amplify your voice and inspire companies to take proactive steps towards reducing their business flying and corporate travel emissions.

Voices of change: Employees’ demands to shift towards sustainable business travel

The Travel Smart campaign commissioned a survey, conducted by Ipsos in October 2022, of corporate employees and business travellers in a representative sample of 2,506 respondents across the United Kingdom (UK), France, Germany, Spain and the United States (U.S.). On April 2023, a similar survey to 1,500 respondents was conducted across Belgium, Poland and Switzerland.

The results clearly show in what directions employees and business travellers want to go:

Check out employees’ perspectives in different countries

Actions for empowerment

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