Emissions reduction

Sobriety plan: how companies can help save energy

By French government
October 2022

On October 6th 2022, the French government adopted a series of recommendations in order to reduce gas, electricity, and fuel consumption by 10% in two years.

The Energy Sobriety Plan concerns different sectors and players including: buildings, transport, the State, local authorities, individual households, sports, cultural sites and corporations.

Purposeful business travel and switching to low-carbon transport modes are some of the conditions to stick to the energy efficiency plan. The French government demands corporations to reduce flights: air travel should only be considered when the trip by train surpasses 4 hours one way and 6 hours in a round trip. Prioritising, in that way, the use of rail when possible for business displacements. 

With remote work and videoconferencing, companies now have plenty of choices to take action.


Energy Sobriety Plan – reduced air travel – shift to rail

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