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Swiss Climate Law for Net Zero by 2050

Climate Change Laws of the World
June 2023

Switzerland is leading the way in combating climate change with the passage of a transformative Act that enshrines the nation’s net zero target into law. This landmark legislation establishes a comprehensive framework for climate action, encompassing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction, the implementation of negative emissions technologies (NETs), climate change adaptation, and the alignment of financial flows with low-emissions and climate-resilient development.

Notably, the law also addresses emissions from international aviation and shipping that refuel in Switzerland, ensuring their inclusion in the overall reduction targets. To ensure progress, the Act sets ambitious interim targets for emissions reduction over specific periods.

Moreover, Article 5 requires companies to align with the net zero target by 2050, covering both scope 1 and 2 emissions. To facilitate this transition, companies are encouraged to develop transition plans, and those submitting plans by 2029 will receive support from the Federation.

While the law has been passed, the Swiss government is currently determining the date of its entry into force. It signals the nation’s determination to build a sustainable and resilient future, calling upon companies, industries, and individuals to join forces in reducing emissions, particularly in the context of business travel, where flying represents a significant climate challenge.

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