Target setting

Greening the Commission

By the European Commission
April 2022

The “Greening the Commission” Action Plan describes the measures that the Commission intends to put in place or has already started to implement in order to achieve corporate climate neutrality by 2030.

Among them, reducing GHG emissions linked to business travel is mentioned, along with using more sustainable travel modes

Target 2022-2030: -50% GHG emissions by 2024. The steps to achieve this objective include:

  • “Smart and intelligent staff business travel”: Revise by the end of 2022, and implement the Commission’s internal guidelines on missions integrating updated rules on greening business travel. Shortly after adoption, pledge from all Commission departments to start immediately greening their business travel.
  • Monitoring emissions from staff business and external experts travel: tracking emissions with IT tools, choosing greener transport and accommodation, and implementing a new approach for the organisation of meetings and travels.
  • Remote events: Install adequate infrastructures in meeting and conference rooms for hybrid meetings, conferences and events, including interpretation options and internet connection.

Increase green mobility for commuting. Target 2022-2030: -45% GHG emissions 

Teleworking: Evaluate the emissions linked to teleworking and assess the timeframe for including emissions linked to teleworking under the Commission’s corporate target.


Reducing business travel emissions – tracking emissions – use of virtual collaboration tools 

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