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Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport Says Private Jets ‘No Longer Welcome’

By Forbes
April 2023

The airport has recently announced new restrictions on general aviation flights, citing concerns over the environmental impact of private jets. The move is part of the airport’s wider efforts to protect the local population and the environment by reducing noise pollution and carbon emissions in line with the responsibilities agreed under the Paris Climate Agreement.


The plans intend that:


  • No planes will be allowed to land between midnight and 5am.
  • No planes will be allowed to take off between the hours of midnight and 6am.
  • The noisiest types of aircraft will not be allowed.
  • Private jets will no longer be welcome.
  • An intended further runway will not be built.


Airports and private jet companies may need to adapt to this changing landscape and find new ways to operate sustainably.

The initiative has been blocked by court ruling. 

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