Top 25 global flyers failing to reduce business travel emissions

maart 28, 2023
Who are the top emitting companies of the Travel Smart ranking who have no credible plans to reduce their corporate flying emissions?

The 2023 Travel Smart Ranking measures efforts made by global companies towards reducing corporate air travel emissions, tracking their commitment, emissions and reporting performance. It shows that 85% of global companies don’t have credible plans to reduce corporate flying emissions.

A small group of well-known companies have a bigger share of emissions than the rest of the companies in the ranking. The ten biggest flyers without a target, i.e. Volkswagen, KPMG International, Johnson & Johnson, Accenture, Siemens, IBM, Microsoft, Alphabet (parent company of Google), Merck & Co. and SAP, collectively accounted for 3.5 MtCO2 of air travel emissions in 2019, or 20% of emissions from companies in our ranking.

Thirteen of top 25 flyers have no plan to reduce Scope 3 emissions whatsoever, while the twelve others only have broad targets including business travel without detailing specific goals to reduce it. And yet major emitting companies have a bigger share of the responsibility, and the resources, to set ambitious travel emissions reduction targets and policies.

Action by these big emitters can truly drive change. If 10% of companies – the biggest emitters of the ranking – set 50% reduction targets, this would go half the way towards achieving the global target of -50% in corporate air travel emissions by 2025.  After a year of inaction, there’s no time to lose.

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